Industrielle Noize Musik

by Schizophonieraum

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Third and final release for April other than small bits as they come. The first track was using older samples from 2010, the second track was a mating call for a cow time-stretched and improvisation in the TAL-Sampler and looped and effected with reverb and delay then played like an instrument, effected in the mixdown by drenching the track with tons of distortion, eq, reverb, ect. This release is the first full release and won't another full release until later on in the year or next month. The next track is based off another track as a choir was used to compose the next track titled I want To Sleep, The Seven Year Itch consist of the Bull Mating call, which was tuned down 12 semitones to sounds like an actual bull, also samples from 2010-2016 which used on tracks A4-B4. Esoterical Thinking is pipe stratches, metal stratchs all time-stretched with loops and modulations and automations, Post-Mortem Dinnerparty is another choirs from just a choirs note sung by me in 2014, with samples from all different times, Immobilization Of Liver is one channel and one track, Image-Line WASP with automation and effects. No Room For Improv was a release of first track released.


released April 4, 2016

All Compositions and improvisations by Joel Bisson April 2016.



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Schizophonieraum Welland, Ontario

Schizophonieraum is an improvisation project from Welland, Ontario, Canada. Using a variety of found sounds and field recordings and tape loops to improvisations and editing technique with VST/AU Plugins and Samplers to make noise ambient music.

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